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Omega 3s…There’s Nothing Fishy About It!

There’s a type of fat referred to as “fatty acids”…and we can’t make them in our bodies so they’re also called “essential” because it’s essential that we eat them!  But in our hurly burly fast food world…we don’t get nearly enough of the Omega 3 kind and far too much of the Omega 6 and 9 kind!  It’s not as confusing as it might sound but it is truly critical that we get more balance to these acids if we’re going to age well, feel well and thrive!  We’ll start to dive into this on today’s program….

Non-Surgical Disc Relief….Finally!!

Disc problems in the form of bulges, degeneration, herniation’s and the like are so very common and cause some of the worst spinal symptoms.  Today…there’s relief and correction of such problems without the need for surgery!  We’ll discuss at length today on this installment!

Protein….How Good is it Really?

Protein…it’s important, right?  Maybe not nearly as important as you once thought or were told!  What about the different sources and types of protein? Are some better than others?  Can some sources of protein actually be damaging to our bodies?  We’ll tackle this and more on today’s program!

Pain and Vitamin D

There are many reasons for the development of pain but research in recent years is pointing to the epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in America a contributor to pain…in all kinds of ways.  Today we’ll explore the role Vitamin D plays in the development of pain and how optimizing Vitamin D levels can help reduce or eliminate it!


Oils…we sauté with them, fry with them, bake with them, drizzle them on salads and even dunk breads in them!  But what’s the truth about oil?  Which oils…if any…are actually okay to eat and how much is actually healthful?  There’s a lot of confusion about oil and we’ll tackle these questions and more in today’s installment of “30 Minutes to Vitality”!

Protein…Is there REALLY a difference?

Protein….it’s important right?  Every growing body needs lots to be strong, right? The name, even, indicates it has been thought of as critical to health and development because it comes from the Greek word “proteios” which means “of first quality”.  Is it really that important?  Are there different types and do they come from different sources?  Can we get too much? … And how much is too little anyway?  We’ll explore many facets of proteins and what they’re really about on today’s program….hope you find it informative and helpful!

Nutrient Density…If It’s So Important…What is It???

One of the critical things we can do to express our innate vitality and healing is to remove interferences to the nutrition we get!  That can be in the form of eating elements and items we just don’t need or not getting enough of the foods and nutrients we truly do need. This allows the innate healing of our bodies to simply do its thing.  Nutrient Density in our foods addresses our needs perfectly….simply getting a great deal of nutrients for each calorie we consume.  And, yes, there are some foods and categories of foods with LOTS of nutrients per calorie and others with virtually none at all!  We’ll dig into this topic…maybe with a knife and fork!…on today’s program!


Who doesn’t know the bliss of feeling exactly like the little one in the photo?  Sleep is amazingly restorative and foundational to well-being.  A person can eat right, exercise and everything else that contributes to vitality but without proper amounts of quality sleep…wellness simply cannot occur.  Give a listen to the essentials of sleep in today’s program.

Chiropractic: Getting More from Your Care

It’s heard in our facility many times each week….”I didn’t know Chiropractic care could help me with _____!”  …fill in the blank!  Folks come in for one issue and end up enjoying improvement in that as well other things!  We’ll discuss this topic and more in today’s broadcast!