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Water…a Vital Strategy to Long Term Health

We’ve heard for years to drink water….great idea!  But what exactly is “good” water?  How much do we need to be drinking?  As the weather is heating up in central Florida, these are really important questions and we’ll answer them, and more, in today’s program!

Spinal Decompression: A REAL Alternative to Disc Surgery

Herniated discs, bulged discs, “blown” discs and degenerated discs….how many types of disc problems are there?  …let me count the ways!  It’s an exceedingly common disorder of the spine and is very costly in terms of pain, debilitation, lost work time and quality of life.  And after that diagnosis on MRI by a family doctor or orthopedist, many people are sent directly to the spinal surgeon…little knowing or realizing there IS an alternative to surgery in nearly 7 out of 10 disc problems!  Amazing….that’s the majority of disc problems!  We’ll discuss this procedure called Spinal Axial Decompression and the most advanced form of this technology which is utilized at Terlep Chiropractic….so please give a listen!

Sun Exposure….Simply Essential!

For years, you and I have been told that exposure to the sun is bad and is to be avoided at nearly any cost!  And if you have to go out….go out in the early in the morning or late in the afternoon…advice not considering we produce Vitamin D the most at mid-day?  What the heck do we do??  Sunscreens are supposed to help…but do they?  And if we use them…isn’t the highest and strongest SPF the best, then?  And there aren’t any bad ingredients in them that all of that sunscreen lathered all over us would cause…IS THERE?  …Especially if they sound natural and benign???  We’ll discuss why the sun is essential, even critical, to our well-being and why common sense is the watch word with simple sun exposure!

Interval Exercises….Simply Amazing!!

We’ve known for several years that High Intensity Interval Training has significant benefits to our health….many that can’t be obtained with sustained, longer duration aerobic exercises.  On this week’s program, we’ll explore a recent study from the Mayo Clinic that confirms even more benefits!  This type of exercise may not be Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth….but we’re getting close!  Give a listen….

We ARE Built to Vital

Self healing/self regulating, in-born wisdom of the body, homeostasis and innate intelligence….these are a few of the MANY ways the body’s ability to regulate, grow and heal itself are describes….as long as there in no or limited INTERFERENCE to that expression!  In today’s podcast, we’ll look at this the five foundational areas that make up the gift of inherent vitality you and I possess!  Give a listen!



What the Heck is Nutrient Density??

The expression “Nutrient Density” is rather odd….what does it mean, exactly?  Under the umbrella of keeping it simple, just think of it as the amount of nutrition that’s in a food divided by the number of calories in that food.  So it really relates to the amount of nutrition we’re consuming in every calorie.  To represent it visually…

Health = Nutrients/Calories  or  H = N/C

So when we consume foods high in nutrient density, we provide our bodies with the building blocks it needs to make new brain cells, replace heart cells and grow immune cells properly to fight infections and cancer.  So we remove interference to our innate intelligence and expression of vitality with outstanding nutrient density.  Not to worry….it gets clear and easy on todays podcast!

Juicing Veggies & Fruits…Is It Really Helpful?

We hear about the juicing of vegetables and fruits and some people seem to be nearly rabid juicing enthusiasts!  V8 certainly has made an extremely large business from their juice…but is there truly amazing health value in juicing?  Should you bother with it?  Let’s find out in today’s podcast….

Oh…the Benefits of the Simple Nut

Nuts and seeds are simple foods that truly easy to get our hands on.  Interestingly, people don’t realize how amazingly healthful these little bite sized bits of energy really are.  They pack such a vital punch that recent research indicates a 27% reduction in dying from ANY CAUSE (all cause mortality) for people who consume 1-2 oz. five times each week!  …Incredible!  Will explore the wonder of nuts and seeds in this program!

Want to Feel More Upbeat and Hopeful? Eat those Veggies & Fruits!

Every one of us has had Mom or someone else in the family tell us, “You are what you eat”!   Now we’re learning that even our moods and feelings are what we eat!  Recent research  validates that hopeful and uplifting perceptions can and are tied to simple increases in fruit and vegetable consumption…in just two weeks!  We’ll explore this topic in today’s podcast!

Movement…Why is It so Important and What Exactly Does It Do?

Motion….it can be fantastic to watch…an Olympic ice skater, a baby’s first steps or the steps of your child as they walk down the aisle to be married.  “Movement is Life”, so says a very prominent neuroscientist in our country.  But why is that and how does it work?  Is it just the big movements of our bodies while we walk, bike ride or swim?  Or do little movements such as the beat of our hearts, the fluid movement of a spinal joint or the expansion of a lung create and maintain health and vitality in our bodies and minds?  That’s exactly what we’ll explore in today’s program….